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Bringing AI expertise and industry experience together


Use existing and real-time sensor data for predictive analytics:

  • Predict equipment failures before they happen
  • Maximize asset value through production optimization
  • Maximize yield, energy, and throughput
  • Increase safety and reduce downtime


Use clinical, trial, and patient data to identify outcomes:

  • Identify drug candidates and improve drug design
  • Optimize and monitor clinical trials for improved outcomes
  • Maximize manufacturing yield and throughput
  • Predict adverse drug effects and interactions

High Tech

Use predictive analytics to identify new product and efficiency opportunities:

  • Manage efficient product development
  • Drive insights for improved productivity
  • Optimize throughput and yield through improved equipment utilization
  • Identify supply chain efficiencies


Use control and supply chain data to optimize productions:

  • Optimize suppliers, inventory, and procurement
  • Improve production efficiency and cost
  • Predict equipment failures to maximize yield
  • Improve site-level planning